High Fibre Ryegrass

Our High Fibre Ryegrass Haylage is made from specially selected Italian Ryegrasses which are only cut once the seed heads are fully developed and the crop has a high fibre content, but low protein and energy levels. Click here for analysis.

Devon Haylage High Fibre Ryegrass has an incredible smell which appeals to the most fussy of eaters and their human owners alike! High Fibre Ryegrass is suitable for all classes of horse and pony and should be fed to replace the hay ration. Click here for feeding recommendations from our Nutritionist.

Many horses unless in very hard work or poor-doers could have their hard feed ration significantly reduced or removed completely. Then a forage balancer may be offered to ensure the horse receives the necessary nutrients. Click here to find out how to buy Devon Haylage High Fibre Ryegrass.