Devon Haylage - The ideal winter feed

Winter can be an exhausting time of year for horse owners; getting up in the dark to see to the horse, trudging around in the constant mud, deciding on which rug to use and worrying about the state of the field. Deciding on what type and amount of feed to use can also be a burden. At Devon Haylage we believe that focusing on a good quality fibre and plenty of it can take a lot of the guess work out of feeding horses.

We are continually being bombarded by adverts for horse feed from mixes to cubes, chops and balancers. Once we have decided which one to go for, then we must decide how much of it to feed and for how long to get results! The other thing to consider is where will it be stored? A dry area away from vermin is a must for any feed, but if space in the tack room is at a premium then you could look to storing outside. That’s where Haylage comes in. Not only can it be stored outside, freeing up valuable space in you tack/feed room but it should be regarded as a ‘feed’ in its own right. By offering plenty of good quality haylage, you may find that you no longer need to feed ‘hard’ feed. Just balance with a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement and offer a hard feed if condition cannot be maintained with haylage alone. Most horses energy and protein requirements can be met by the consumption of adequate amounts of haylage. Not only does it keep stabled horses occupied (reducing the likelihood of vices developing) but the high fibre content does wonders within the horse by encouraging high levels of gut micro flora. This will not only help your horse look its best on the outside but it will have its own central heating system in the cold winter months helping it to remain in condition and perform to its full potential. Use Devon Haylage for natural, healthy and cost effective feeding. For lots more information and to find your nearest stockist visit or find us on Facebook or phone on 01404 813100.