Forage Analysis Results

Forageplus Intelligent Horse Nutrition have analysed both our High Fibre and Timothy haylage. The samples were sent to the US for the nutritional analysis as they can offer a much better test to find the ESC + starch content. A full mineral analysis of the High Fibre was also undertaken here in the UK. We will be getting the Timothy analysed for its mineral content next year. Please follow the links below to see the results. Please note the 'as fed' amounts as advised by Forageplus are:

High Fibre Protein = 6%, ESC + Starch = 7.3%

Timothy Protein = 4.6%, ESC + Starch = 5.1%

High Fibre Nutritional and Mineral results

Timothy Nutritional results

Forageplus can not only analyse forage, soil and water but can also devise a bespoke mineral supplement based on the results of analysis. This ensures that your horse is receiving the perfect amounts of minerals based on shortfalls in the forage. They also manufacture a broad spectrum forage supplement to feed either in the 'summer' or 'winter'. Once we know the perfect balancer to feed along side our haylage we will post it here and also on Facebook.