How to Open our Haylage Bales


Here at Devon Haylage we have recently invested in a new baling machine which means that our bales are now packed slightly differently. Rather than being packed in wedges, our bales are cut into 4 distinct sections.

We have had some customers asking how to open our new bales so here are some instructions which we hope you will find useful


1. Look on the blank side of the packaging and you can feel three grooves which are the cuts splitting the bale into quarters. These are indicated with black lines on the picture alongside.
2. Cut into the packaging along the top groove around three sides of the bale.
3. You should now see the cut in the Haylage and by lifting the cut section, like a lid, the top quarter of the bale will lift away from the remainder of the bale. (Subsequent quarters can be removed in the same way.)
4. This quarter in the ‘lid’ can now be taken out of the packaging and easily separated into smaller bundles of haylage ready for you to use.

We hope this is helpful and that by following these instructions, you continue to enjoy the benefits of feeding Devon Haylage to your horse or pony.

We have now vastly improved the cutting action, so bales should now separate easily. Thank you for your patience while we fine tune our new machine and please do not hesitate to contact us if there's anything more we can do to help.