Positive feedback to improvement in Devon Haylage packaging

Very positive feedback from customers at both Mole Valley Farmers Equine days on 21st & 28th September and at Mole Avon Town & Country Stores at Axminster & Crediton on 12th October 2013.

The distinct slicing of the bales into 4 sections was clearly being appreciated by our customers – the unused remainder of the bale remain tight & compact, restricting access to the air & all associated problems secondary fermentation can lead to.

The change in our packaging was not taken lightly, but we knew from our experience of making haylage since 1997 that the slicing of the haylage bale was an important concern to our customers at Devon Haylage.

With Autumn drawing in, now is the time to start thinking about winter feeding. This year’s Devon Haylage is of excellent quality so do come and give it a try.