The types of Devon Haylage that we produce are the perfect economical alternative to feeding hay plus a hard feed. We have been committed to making top quality haylage since 1997.

Feeding advice: As forage makes up the core share of a horses diet, it is important to make that portion nutritious and beneficial to overall health whilst being high in fibre and not too calorific. Read more..

Devon Haylage – Why we believe that our haylage is ‘Outstanding in its field’

  • Devon Haylage has a higher dry matter than some other haylage meaning that you are not paying for water making it very economical. 
  • We have complete control of the production process and own all of our own land. We do not contract out grass production.
  • The natural fermentation process makes Devon Haylage more digestible resulting in more efficient utilisation of nutrients within the hind gut.
  • Devon Haylage has the most wonderful aroma - horses and humans can’t get enough of it!
  • Devon Haylage is a safe option to feed to Laminitics, those with sensitivity to dust and to those which are insulin resistant.
  • Devon Haylage bales are cut into 4 distinct sections making it easy to feed.
  • Devon Haylage is consistently high quality and so there is no waste.