Second Cut Timothy

This very soft haylage is made from our Pure Timothy fields but cut at an early stage of growth.

Due to the high demand for Timothy and the low supply, we took a second cut from our Timothy Fields in 2020.  Due to the weather conditions we experienced, this crop didn't manage to mature to seed development stage and so the resulting forage consists entirely of leaf with no tough stems (as with the 1st cut Timothy), resulting in a very soft forage.

Due to the high leaf content, the crude protein is a bit higher than in our other haylage types at 10.5%.  The carbohydrate is also a bit higher at 8% combined sugar and starch as fed and the Digestible Energy is 9.84 MJ/kg. This haylage will therefore be suitable for horses prefering a very soft forage or those with poor dentition who are not overly sensitive to sugar intake such as EMS, laminitis or Cushing's sufferers but who may benefit from the higher energy and protein levels such as veterans, breeding stock, youngstock or those needing to gain weight. 

The full nutritional analysis is available on request and we are happy to send a sample in the post, please email